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In an announcement Wednesday, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said the Delhi government plans to set up a website called ‘Dilli Bazaar’ to give traders, shopkeepers, and service providers of the capital a “digital identity” by August 2022.

In a press conference held later that day, Kejriwal said that this project would “ensure rapid growth” for Delhi’s GDP, employment, and tax revenue.

Each and every entrepreneur in Delhi will have an online shop including industrialists, shopkeepers, service providers, etc. This website will provide them with a platform to showcase all their products and services, which will allow them to reach countless people not just in India or Delhi but throughout the world,” he said.

Delhi Bazaar & Delhi Virtual Markert Features

There is also a business-to-business side to it. Suppose some businessperson from the UK wants to buy Indian antiques, they can go to our portal, look for antiques and order in bulk quantities as well

it is possible to hold unique online exhibitions, instead of limiting an exhibition to a fixed area and fixed population. This portal will promote endless opportunities for even the most niche products,” said Kejriwal.

How Delhi Bazaar Website to help Businessmen

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced Wednesday evening that a ‘Delhi Bazaar’ web portal was being developed to help traders and industrialists display their products and sell them both domestically and internationally.

Aiming to have the portal ready by August of next year, Kejriwal said that it is anticipated to boost Delhi’s revenue, gross domestic product, and economy in a big way.

Businesses, traders, manufacturers, markets, and shops will be able to list their products on this portal, as well as sell them in the city, country, and even abroad, he said.

Delhi Bazaar virtual Market

Besides virtual markets, there will be shops on the portal where people can browse and find products of their choice to purchase. It will also host virtual exhibitions,” the chief minister said.

Observing that markets are crowded because of festivals and people are not following Covid guidelines, he asked them to wear masks and take all precautions.

Business owners come & register on Delhi Bazaar Website & List their Products & Services For More Sales & Visibility Around The World.

Delhi Bazaar Website Link

Delhi Bazaar Lunch Website But Still Delhi Gov. Don’t Lunch Website Publicly So there is no Delhi Bazaar Offical website link.

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