Survey Site Plan

Parameters for Prepration of Site Plan :

Why SIte plans ? Because they make things clear.

While preparing asite plan for the protected area,the prohibited and regulated area, the following parameters shall be adhered to and incorporated.


(a.)  Protected Area, prohibited monument,prohibited area or regulated area

  1. Contouring (1 meter interval) is preferably. However, it can vary depending on the nature of landscape. if it is hittl terrain with cliffs, then contour intervals cab be increased. if the landscape is plainb, then it can be reduced to 0.5 meter;
  2. Fixing the Bench mark and survey points on the ground and map;
  3. Protected area needs to be mappedin such a manner that the property and feature within the area can easily be identified. Therefore the area shall be required to be grided both on map and ground. Grids can be of 50 X 50 meters;
  4. Mapping of structure on plan;
  5. Other features like tank, embankment, mud fortification,remnants of ancient structures etc should be shown;
  6. Roads and Patrhways;
  7. Green area;
  8. Trees (with an inventory - tree type, girth and height);
  9. Telephone Lines
  10. Sewerage Lines
  11. Water Supply lines etc.
  12. Contouring / Relative heights of certain areas
  13. Ground Penetrating Radar survey determining the buried archaeological remains
  14. Any other feature that is required to be incorporated in consultation with the competent authority;

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