Heritage Bye-Laws

The framing of heritage bye-laws in respect of all centrally protected monuments in Delhi is under process. 

Parameters for Heritage Bye-laws :

The heritage bye-laws shall be framed on the basis of the site plan prepared for each of the prohibited and regulated areas of prohibited monuments and the following parameters, namely -


  1. Architectural, historicalband archaeological value of the monument;
  2. Sensitivity of the monument (e.g. development pressure, urbanization, population pressure, etc);
  3. Visibility from the protected monument or area and visibility from regulated area;
  4. Land-use to be identified;
  5. Archaeological heritage remains other than protected monument(s);
  6. Cultural landscapes;
  7. Significant natural landscapes that forms part of cultural landscape and also helps in protecting the monument from environment pollution;
  8. Usage of open space and constructions;
  9. Traditional, historical and cultural activities;
  10. Skyline as visible from the monument and from regulated area;
  11. Vernacular Architecture;
  12. Development plan as available by the local authorities;
  13. Building related parameters -
    1. Height of the construction;
    2. Floor area;
    3. Use;
    4. Facade design;
    5. Roof design;
    6. Building material;
    7. Colour;
  14. Visitors facilities and amenities.

Public Participation

You may propose your heritage bye-laws regarding any centrally protected monument under "Propose Heritage Bye-laws".

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