Heritage Bye-Laws

The framing of heritage bye-laws in respect of all centrally protected monuments in Delhi is under process. 

Parameters for Heritage Bye-laws :

The heritage bye-laws shall be framed on the basis of the site plan prepared for each of the prohibited and regulated areas of prohibited monuments and the following parameters, namely -


  1. Architectural, historicalband archaeological value of the monument;
  2. Sensitivity of the monument (e.g. development pressure, urbanization, population pressure, etc);
  3. Visibility from the protected monument or area and visibility from regulated area;
  4. Land-use to be identified;
  5. Archaeological heritage remains other than protected monument(s);
  6. Cultural landscapes;
  7. Significant natural landscapes that forms part of cultural landscape and also helps in protecting the monument from environment pollution;
  8. Usage of open space and constructions;
  9. Traditional, historical and cultural activities;
  10. Skyline as visible from the monument and from regulated area;
  11. Vernacular Architecture;
  12. Development plan as available by the local authorities;
  13. Building related parameters -
    1. Height of the construction;
    2. Floor area;
    3. Use;
    4. Facade design;
    5. Roof design;
    6. Building material;
    7. Colour;
  14. Visitors facilities and amenities.

Public Participation


Any person having any suggestion or objection may send the same in writing to the Member Secretary, National Monuments Authority, 24 Tilak Marg,  New Delhi-110001 or mail it at the Emai id helpdesk.nma@gmail.com latest by 26th March, 2019. The person making objection or suggestions should also give his name and address.

The objections or suggestions which may be received before the expiry of the period i.e. 26th March, 2019, shall be considered by the National Monuments Authority.

S.no. Bye-law Number Date Subject Remarks View PDF
1 15-1/1/2018-NMA-HBL-Delhi 25-02-2019 PubNotice-DraftHeritageByelaws Public Notice for Draft heritage Bye-Laws of Centrally Protected Monument "Nizamuddin Basti for public opinion/comments/suggestions till 26.03.2019. Interested person may visit website of NMA at below given link to down load Draft Heritage Byelaws : http://www.nma.gov.in:8080/c/document_library/get_file?uuid=160fcc05-7df8-4406-9655-a243f30cd0cc&groupId=10157 View

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