Grant of Permission

Permissions in Prohibited and Regulated Areas:

Permissions are granted by Competent Authority as per Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites & Remains (Validation and Manedment) Act 2010 and Rules made therunder, for any repair, renovation, construction and reconstruction. Within 100 metres of prohibited area around any centrally protected monument or site, permissions for repair and renovation are granted for buildings/structures constructed before 1992 or constructed after 1992 with approval from Director-General of ASI. Within 100-300 metres of Regulated area around any centrally protected monument or site, permissions for repair, renovation, construction and reconstruction are granted for buildings/structures.


Procedure for Application:

Any application for repair and renovation in prohibited area and repair, renovation, construction and reconstruction in regulated area can be submitted to the Competent Authority in Form I and Check list (Given below). As per latest guilines of National Monuments Authority for construction /additional construction applicant should applied through Single Window System of MCD/NDMC only.



Form I


Application for grant of permission for undertaking repair/renovation in the prohibited area and construction/reconstruction/repair/renovation in the regulated area of protected monument of archaeological site & remains declared as of national importance under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958. (See rule 6)


  1. Name of the Applicant :         
  2. Address of the applicant :

(a) Present :

(b) Permanent :

3. Name of the owner(s) (if applicant is other than owner) :

4. Address of the owner(s) :

            (a) Present –              

            (b) Permanent-

5. Whether the property is owned by individual or jointly (furnish documents):

6. Whether the property is owned by Government / Public Sector Undertaking / Private Sector Undertaking / Firm (if so details to be furnished with complete address and phone numbers)

7. Locality of the proposed construction (with full details of plot numbers etc.):

8. Name of the nearest monument or site :

(a)     Locality  :   

(b)     Taluk      :

(c)     District   :

(d)     State      :

 (Enclosed area map showing the monument and the site of repair / renovation /construction/reconstruction)

  1. Distance  of the site of construction related activities from the protected boundary of the monument:   

9. (a)   Distance from the main monument:       

    (b)   Distance from the protected boundary wall of the monument:

10.  Nature of the work proposed(Repair/renovation/construction/reconstruction etc):

11.  Details of work proposed(furnish complete details with drawing of building/ structure):

(i)     Number of storey’s :

(ii)    Floor Area (storey-wise)

Basement Ares            :

Stilt Area                     :

Ground Floor Area      :

First Floor Area           :

Second Floor Area       :

Third Floor Area          :

(iii)             Height (excluding mumty, parapet, water-storage tank etc.) :

(iv)              Height (including mumty, parapet,    water-storage tank etc.) :

(v)                Basement, if any proposed, with details:

Depth :

Area    :

(Enclose Plan, section and elevation drawings of the existing building duly approved by the building plan sanctioning authority and proposed building plan with section and elevation in case of reconstruction. Enclose building plan with section and elevation in case of reconstruction.) Enclose building plan, section and elevation of the proposed building in case of construction / reconstruction).


12.  Purpose of the proposed work:

(Residential / commercial / institutional / public / community)

13.  Approximate date of the commencement of the proposed work:



14.  Approximate duration for completion of the proposed work:



15.  Maximum height of the existing modern buildings in the close vicinity of:


(a)   Near the Monument :


(b)   Near the site of construction related activity :


16.  Whether the monument is located within the limits of Municipal Corporation /

Municipalities / Nagar Panchayat / Village Panchayat:



17.  Does any Master Plan / Zonal Development Plan / Layout Plan approved by

A concerned local authority exists for the city/town/village:



18.  Status of modern constructions in the vicinity of the monument and the

 Proposed site of construction / reconstruction:



19.  Open space / park / green area close to the protected monument/ protected area:



20.  Remarks / additional information, if any:



I                                           declare that the above information is correct. I also undertake to observe the provisions of the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958 as amended by the Ancient Monuments  and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act and remains  (Amendment and Validation) Act ,2010 and the rules made there under.


Place: New Delhi


Seal of firm (if any)



Contact No.____________________                                                                        Signature of the Applicant








  1. If the application is on the behalf of the organization/ firm, the signature should be of the head of that organization/firm.
  2. Enclose photographs showing the monument and the existing modern constructions.
  3. Enclose Google Earth’s images of the area under reference showing the monument and the site of construction related activities.
  4. Enclose ownership documents duly attested by an authorized officer of the Government.
  5. In case of repairs / renovation, a report from duly authorized / licensed architect to be submitted by the applicant.
  6.  Applications are to be sent to Competent  Authority at the following address-

The Competent Authority

NCT of Delhi

Puratatva Bhawan, 1st Floor,

Block-D, INA, New Delhi





Archaelogical Survey of India,

Puratatva Bhawan, 1st Floor,

Block-D, INA, New Delhi




Following documents should be submitted in 2 sets in separate folders for additional construction/construction and 1set in case of repair/renovation:


Details Documents




Form-I (duly filled up and signed on each page)




Google Map (Showing the monument and the proposed site as well as distance from the nearest monument) coloured in A4




Photographs of Proposed Site of construction from front and all possible sides




Photographs of Vicinity of Proposed Site and modern constructions.




Photographs of the nearest Monument from all possible sides




Photographs of modern constructions and Vicinity of nearest Monument




Ownership Documents duly attested by an authorized officer of the Govt. as well as owner/owners




Ownership Tree (Chain) in separate paper, duly signed by owner/owners




For construction/re-construction/additional construction drawing of Proposed Site Plan in A2 size(Attested by Architect with Registration No., Address, Contact No. etc.) showing Elevation, Section and floor-wise plan of proposed construction/re-construction/additional construction with legend in Eight copies (four in each file), with red outlined


For repair/renovation comparative drawing with demarcation of proposed repair/renovation with legend in Six copies (three in each file) with red outlined. Proposed Site Plan in A2 size(Attested by Architect with Registration No., Address, Contact No. etc.) showing elevation, Section and floor-wise proposed area of  repair/renovation and List of repair/renovation & a declaration/undertaking for repair/renovation only.





ID Proof (Duly Attested)




Signature of the head of the organization, if applicant is an organization/firm




a- Copy of permission issued by ASI, if any

 b-A Self Declaration regarding property Dispute, Litigation, Land use as per local authority according to format isued by NMA. available at




Scanned copy  of Form 1 and all documents, photographs etc in PDF Format in CD



Note :   1.     All documents/photographs/site plan submitted with Form I should be duly signed by owner.

              2.     Photographs should be in colour of size 7 inch x 5 inch or above.


 In case of any difficulty telephone call can be made between 11 pm and 1 pm and between 3 pm and 5 pm on all working days from Monday to Friday at landline number: 011-24654003   Or mail your query to with your contact number for us to assist you.



The Competent Authority

Archaeological Survey of India,

Puratatva Bhawan, 1st Floor,

Block-D, INA, New Delhi


After  submission, the applicant should note his/her application UID No. which should be mentioned for any future references. The UID No. will be applicant’s file number in the Office of Competent Authority. Any application not properly filled up or without proper attachments shall not be accepted and treated as incomplete.


Procedure after Submission:

After an application is submitted, it is scrutinized to find whether the information and attachments have been duly provided. Thereafter site inspection is conducted by an officer authroised by Competent Authority and the proposal is forwarded to the Secretary, National Monuments Authority at 24, Tilak Marg, New Delhi. On approval from the National Monuments Authority (NMA), the Competent Authority, as the case may be, issues a permission or refusal to the owner.

The status of application after its submission can be known under “Know status of applications” whether the file is incomplete or complete; site inspection has been conducted; the proposal had been forwarded to NMA; approval has been received from NMA; permission or refusal has been issued.

Issue of permission/NOC

Permission for construction/repair/renovation to be issued to the owner/authorized person only. 


Status of permissions granted by the Competent Authority may please check at "Know Status of Applications

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