Comments by : s.n.vaid
5/21/2012 9:11:41 AM
Comments by : DVK Singh
The FAQs may please be created for understanding procedures and rules .Individuals who are not professionals in the field find it difficult to interpret them .This will reduce the queries & help the affected parties in understanding the rules as well as the procedures to be followed by them .This will also help the office bearers with reduction in work .
5/24/2012 4:32:56 AM
Comments by : ARVIND JAIN
after reading so many post/s,it makes me feel that we still live in paradise of fools.The government should maintain tombs/graves only with historical significance or which have artichectural beauty.The govt should realise the cost of maintaining these,also there are restrictions for not making construction within in certain limits from these monuments.,MLA/s,M.P should take up this matter seriously also RWA,s should also raise their voice against these Govt bodies for making necessary amendments.
5/24/2012 6:02:14 AM
Comments by : atul kumar
5/26/2012 2:37:56 AM
Comments by : pradeep kumar
5/28/2012 4:28:53 AM
Comments by : RAKESH SINGH
This by laws should not applied to approved colonies where govt had already given permission for constrution and monuments like samall gumads should not be in protected list.
5/28/2012 4:31:36 AM
5/29/2012 9:33:38 AM
Comments by : amit kumar singla
Protected monument should be only which are in world heritage list and there should be no protected area beyond boundary wall. This by laws should be amended as early as possible.
5/29/2012 9:50:36 AM
Comments by : krishan kumar
This bylaws should not applied in approved colonies.Pl amend.
5/29/2012 10:03:52 AM
Comments by : DEEPAK KHOSLA
5/30/2012 4:47:12 AM
Comments by : puneet kumar chopra
Tombs in any area should be protected with boundary walls and should be delisted from protected monuments.
5/30/2012 7:34:09 AM
Comments by : d.s ka
Did ASI became the owner of monument , if declared protected ? ASI fraudulently grabbing land around the monuments declaring private land as protected and then claiming ownership of land , without giving any notice or chance to file objection or compensation
5/30/2012 10:19:08 PM
Comments by : Meera Gupta
The place inside protected monuments is being used by illegal, antisocial elements. These places are hide outs for theives and robbers. Dirt and filth seen around these monuments. Why the Govt. sold the land at exorbitant prices around these monuments , and now not allowing to construct the houses. This is cheating their own country men. God please save the innocent people.
6/2/2012 1:46:08 AM
Comments by : dalip mittal
Out of 174 protected monuments only three i.e Qutab minar,lal killa,and jama masid are protected in real sense because rest all are already protected by huge gardens boundary walls etc. than why govt is spending so money of tax payers on making various authorities etc when no visitor come and these have no value and govt is spending crores of rupees deposited by tax payer from their hardearn money.
6/2/2012 11:09:42 PM
Comments by : d.s ka
If these 300 meter kind of laws people living near the monuments felt cheated by govt , people themselves sent appeal to declare them protected and people themselves protected them when there was no ASI now people felt like stabbed in back , cut their legs themselves by proposed to declare monument protected if the policy of ASI remain unchanged , public will only will not spare any chance to take revenge from the Friend turned foe , now these monuments are not the friends of neighbors , 300 meter law is the reward for the people who had saved and protected these monuments before ASI .
6/3/2012 8:47:26 PM
Comments by : d.s ka
old people always says that never create enemy in neighborhood , if neighbors are friends you are more secure and safe , if neighbors are enemy , that will be more harmful ASI laws turning , friends into foe ,, I request ASI not to do that , all people want to secure their heritage & culture but making laws against the people is not of any benefit . please amend the laws , so that people dont think monument as their enemy or burden for future
6/3/2012 8:55:47 PM
Comments by : vinod gupta
6/3/2012 10:23:51 PM
Comments by : SATISH PANDEY
The monuments where ticket is charged and visitor are visiting rregularly should be covered under this act and in that case reconstruction should also allowed.
6/3/2012 10:34:02 PM
Comments by : d.s ka
lets start a movement & make a team , to get rid of this useless ASI laws and protect our real heritage without breaking our development
6/4/2012 8:43:12 PM
Comments by : dsp
there are more than 10crore of people who are affected by the ASI 300 meter
6/4/2012 8:45:03 PM
Comments by : dalip mittal
6/5/2012 6:59:34 AM
Comments by : Meera Gupta
this is very right that all should form team and the movement should start onFACE BOOK the action will catch fire in no time then the govt will have to bow down infront of their citizens
6/6/2012 11:54:13 PM
Comments by : dsp
denotify all monuments of delhi . 300 meter law is of no meaning in Delhi . protected area of monument should based on the importance and requirement of monument , Every old structure can not be described as of national importance ,, there must be something to be preserved ,, my house is also built of stones ,, and built by grand of grand father in 1899 , please in delhi only , please declare it also of national importance , there are so many building which are more than 100 year old also a stone build , I urge ASI declare all of national heritage , when kabristan older than 100 years are declared protected then all the shamshan ghat & mandir should also be declare of national heritage which are 100 year old , otherwise it should seen as discrimination .
6/7/2012 7:58:15 PM
Comments by : umesh dingra
Today delhi govt approved 1639 colonies and this is welcome step but it will be more welcome step if this ASI act do not applied on all already approved colonies earlier.
6/7/2012 11:25:48 PM
Comments by : Mr Singh
Puuting sarai shahji in the same group as Taj Mahal and qutub Minar is like comparing Diamond to a stone on the road. How can same law apply to both. Sarai shahji is just a dumpyard of rubbish surrounded by slums, and is just being used by ASI to harass tax paying citizens.It has absolutely NO historical importance. I appeal it to be removed from protected list.
6/7/2012 11:27:30 PM
Comments by : chander shekhar
this law should not be applied in approved colonies. Even by this law govt. authorities like water, sewage and electricity deptt. also unable to develop the services. It is anti development act.
6/7/2012 11:36:26 PM
Comments by : chander shekhar
Pls amend the law as soon as possible
6/7/2012 11:41:23 PM
Comments by : Mrs pria
This law should not be applied to anything old. Just as everything that glitters is not Gold, evrery old structure cannot be a red fort or qutub minar. This law was brought in to protect our heritage, but more than that it's just being used to Harras citizens. Government should amend the law ASAP otherwise public will not vote for it next time. Sarai shahji in shivalik is a glaring example of how a law can be badly implemented. This ill maintained structure surrounded by garbage and slums has been put in the same club has qutub minar and taj mahal. What an irony. What a shame!
6/9/2012 4:58:15 AM
Comments by : d.s ka
I agree to mrs. pria & mr. singh , there is no comparison between taj mahal & sarai shahji , there are many old stone built structure of no meaning , no history , nothing in the name of heritage ,, EVEN ASI itself doesnot know there names , sarai shahji is only a small kabristan and slums and dumpyard there is nothing in the name of national heritage , no architecture nothing and also ASI fraudulently trying to grab land of Sarai shahji , land belong to a family from shahpur jat who used to live here before 1965 . land around was fraudulently transferred to ASI . Denotify the structure with proper survey and transfered it delhi govt, or leave it to delhi waqf which is already taking care of kabristan & masjid there . do not waste hard earned public money on nonsense ,, and just to harass people ,,
6/9/2012 5:33:01 AM
Comments by : Mr manchanda
I know that mr ds. But still that doesn't change the basic fact that massive corruption exists at ASI. This is just one of the glaring examples of how permissions were bought and sold. A wrong act will always remain wrong, whether ratified by any act or not!
6/11/2012 12:34:12 PM
Comments by : Vikram chhabra
Government has recently announced regularization of 1639 unauthorized colonies, whereas they are not allowing construction in colonies they once themselves had passed. We all should join hands and form an association. Government will not take our pleas seriously because our segment of society is not VOTE BANK for them!!
6/11/2012 12:42:35 PM
Comments by : Mr. ds
Vikram ji you are correct , only vote bank can bring the change. So many people are affected by this 300 meter law , also corruption because of this law is on rise, but No MP or MLA gave voice to the grievance of the people affected by asi laws just because they are not vote bank , . In my veiw govt. should denotify all the monuments of delhi , and monument which are really of any national importance should kept to ASI , and other should be transfered to DELHI govt . and distance of monument should be counted from the structure only , and permission of repair & construction should be allowed in whole 300 meter. or ASI should acquire the area in which ASI don't want to give permission ,
6/11/2012 6:43:49 PM
Comments by : Meera Gupta
This is extremely sad and shameful that we r not allowed to construct ,renovate our houses in south Delhi specially in shivalik on the ground that the designated area is under protected monument and the law of 100-300 mtrs applies. This is governed by ASI. According to the latest information/ news of Hindustan times dated 12 june 2012 on page no-2 says that final dossier contains the much hyped proposal for nominating Delhi as a world heritage city will have just two heritage areas—shajanabad , and lute yens New Delhi as against the earlier ident ified four areas including i e Nizamudin and Mehrauli . More to surprise all of us, the news says that there are 226 world heritage cities as per UNESCO . However not a single Indian cities figure in the list. When high level committee has not recognized Nizamudin and Mehrauli as a heritage city, then where the question arises for protection of monuments in these areas .The news says that these two areas have witnessed large scale changes to its heritage fabric. It clearly indicates that so called small, unknown, old structures, walls, with no importance exists in these areas and are not known to anybody . These have become garbage collection centres, where stray animals filth around . These two areas Nizamudin and Mehrauli should be free from the clutches of baseless and useless acts of historic monuments of ASI and the areas should be denotified ASAP .
6/13/2012 2:54:43 AM
Comments by : Vasanta
Dear Sir, I am the resident and owner of C86, Shivalik, New Delhi, which is near to the sarai shahji monument. C86, shivalik is an already constructed building basement + Two floors. I had submitted an application to the competent authority, Delhi on 4th May, 2012 requesting for grant of permission to demolish the existing building and reconsturction of basement + stilt parking + three floors. The website of competent authority delhi indicates that the application have been found to be complete. However, the competent authority has not forwarded to the NMA/ASI for grant of requisite approval. During a personal meeting with the then competent authority, it was given to understand that it will not be possible to grant permission. Continued……...9811413603
6/14/2012 12:51:58 AM
Comments by : Vasanta
It may be mentioned that similar permission has earlier been granted by ASI to a number of owners falling within the same distance or less distance from sarai shahji as compared to my plot. Permission had been granted even to my immediate neighbour ie C85, Shivalik where a building has come up consisting of basement + three floors. Permssion had been granted to atleast 6 plot owner in c-block of shivalik whose plots fall in my category. It has been noted from the minutes of the meetings of expert advisory committee, that the committee abserved while recommending grant of permission to these owners that no adverse effect is likely to be caused either to the monument or to the skyline any further since a number of buildings already exists in the area around the site of construction. . Continued……...9811413603
6/14/2012 12:52:55 AM
Comments by : Vasanta
In addition to above, there are already numerous multi storyed buildings on all the four sides of the monument within the protected area including government officers. I believe the ASI is well aware of the existance of these buildings in the area. Govt agencies are expected to be fare and extend equal treatment to all the citizens placed in similar situation. When others had been granted permission why the permission is being denyed to me. When the permission is granted to C85 Shivalik why not to C86? This is a clear case of in justice and discrimination. I hope the concerned authorities will take a note of my grievances and grant me the requisite permission, as granted to others, at the earliest. . end……...9811413603
6/14/2012 12:53:34 AM
Comments by : Sushil Kumar
Dear Sir, I am the resident and owner of C86, Shivalik, New Delhi, which is near to the sarai shahji monument. C86, shivalik is an already constructed building basement + Two floors. I had submitted an application to the competent authority, Delhi on 4th May, 2012 requesting for grant of permission to demolish the existing building and reconsturction of basement + stilt parking + three floors. The website of competent authority delhi indicates that the application have been found to be complete. However, the competent authority has not forwarded to the NMA/ASI for grant of requisite approval. During a personal meeting with the then competent authority, it was given to understand that it will not be possible to grant permission. Continued……...Sushil Kumar - 9811413603
6/14/2012 12:55:10 AM
Comments by : Sushil Kumar
It may be mentioned that similar permission has earlier been granted by ASI to a number of owners falling within the same distance or less distance from sarai shahji as compared to my plot. Permission had been granted even to my immediate neighbour ie C85, Shivalik where a building has come up consisting of basement + three floors. Permssion had been granted to atleast 6 plot owner in c-block of shivalik whose plots fall in my category. It has been noted from the minutes of the meetings of expert advisory committee, that the committee abserved while recommending grant of permission to these owners that no adverse effect is likely to be caused either to the monument or to the skyline any further since a number of buildings already exists in the area around the site of construction. . Continued……... Sushil Kumar - 9811413603
6/14/2012 12:55:47 AM
Comments by : Sushil Kumar
In addition to above, there are already numerous multi storyed buildings on all the four sides of the monument within the protected area including government officers. I believe the ASI is well aware of the existance of these buildings in the area. Govt agencies are expected to be fare and extend equal treatment to all the citizens placed in similar situation. When others had been granted permission why the permission is being denyed to me. When the permission is granted to C85 Shivalik why not to C86? This is a clear case of in justice and discrimination. I hope the concerned authorities will take a note of my grievances and grant me the requisite permission, as granted to others, at the earliest. . end……... Sushil Kumar - 9811413603
6/14/2012 12:56:30 AM
Comments by : Mr saluja
Any random old structure cannot be categorized as being of national importance just because it's ' OLD', and be put in the company of qutub minar and red fort. I don't think anybody in India knows about Sarai shahji apart from the miserable owners of plots around it and they must be cursing this silly structure everyday. Even ASI cannot define its importance, simply because there is NONE! The pretext of Sarai shahji is just a tool in ASI hands to harrass residents of C block shivalik. This useless so called monument surrounded by garbage, slums and jhuggis should immediately be removed from protected list.
6/14/2012 12:43:44 PM
Comments by : shahpurjat RWA
All the citizen of delhi join hand , and request govt to denotify monument and protected area according to its historical importance , munirka village have many unnamed tomb it list of ASI , we do not understand how can ASI contain a structure with any name , history and no architecture etc .. these structure are just included to harass people as they are situated in the highly populated area and built up houses all around and adjecent to the monument .. otherwise their is no meaning of declaring them of national importance ,,.. no man with mind can support declaring unnamed without history, architecture equivallent to Taj Mahal, qutub Minar
6/14/2012 7:53:25 PM
Comments by : shahpurjat RWA
Join me on FaceBook , Shahpurjat gaon RWA
6/14/2012 7:56:02 PM
Comments by : shivalik Society
how to join on face book just explain so that this briliant idea can catch fire soon
6/15/2012 1:15:07 AM
Comments by : rajinder
Shahpur jat RWA pl explain how we can join on face book and write our comments.This ASI act10 are bylaws which can easily changed if govt want.
6/15/2012 6:40:26 AM
Comments by : shahpurjat RWA
please write shahpurjat gaon rwa on google search , may join on google+ or make a account on facebook . Mr. Rajinder ji , amendment in laws can be made if govt wants ,, but ASI will not easily allow govt to change laws as this 300 meter is the only source of unaccounted income of dept. . generally people always blame politicians only ,, but govt. employee of dept. are the people who have great role in making laws as every one had seen ASI had made all the permission valid given by expert advisory commitee by passing amendement act 2011 just to save the their people ...So ASI never allow govt to amend 300 meter law so easily ....
6/15/2012 8:50:42 PM
Comments by : shahpurjat RWA
please write shahpurjat gaon rwa on google search , may join on google+ or make a account on facebook . Mr. Rajinder ji , amendment in laws can be made if govt wants ,, but ASI will not easily allow govt to change laws as this 300 meter is the only source of unaccounted income of dept. . generally people always blame politicians only ,, but govt. employee of dept. are the people who have great role in making laws as every one had seen ASI had made all the permission valid given by expert advisory commitee by passing amendement act 2011 just to save the their people ...So ASI never allow govt to amend 300 meter law so easily ....
6/15/2012 8:50:43 PM
National Monuments Authority clears way for HC expansion TNN Mar 14, 2012, 06.22AM IST Tags: • National Monuments Authority| • Delhi High Court NEW DELHI: The National Monuments Authority on Tuesday informed the Delhi high court that it has removed the roadblock preventing expansion of the HC building. The NMA told a division bench headed by Justice Pradeep Nandrajog that it has removed the anomaly arising out of a regulation in the bylaws that limits ground coverage as 25% of the area and Floor Area Ratio (FAR) at 125% of the site area. Going with the Master Plan, the authority told HC it has accepted ground coverage at 30% of the site area to be for expanded office complex and FAR at 200%. The bench then asked the Delhi HC Bar Association to meet officials in NMA for further progress in expansion of the court. 6/14/2012 1:11:20 AM Action:: Status::
6/16/2012 10:59:41 PM
Comments by : vindo
SI a RTI query given answer that AFTER declaration of area as protected ASI become the owner of protected area under section 4 of subsection 3 of AM&ASR act 1958 , If this is SO than what is the meaning of section 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20 means whole of the act is meaning less , this is the Way ASI works , completely working independently out of LAW and above the parliament and govt.
6/25/2012 6:24:54 AM
Comments by : sushil kumar
CHAPTER VII MINING OPERATION AND CONSTRUCTION NEAR PROTECTED MONUMENTS 31. Notice of intention to declare a prohibited or regulated area.--(1) Before declaring an area near or adjoining a protected monument to be a prohibited area or a regulated area for purposes of mining operation or construction or both, the Central Government shall, by notification in the Official Gazette, give one month’s notice of its intention to do so; and a copy of such notification shall be affixed in a conspicuous place near the area. (2) Every such notification shall specify the limits of the area which is to be so declared and shall also call for objections, if any, from interested persons. 32. Declaration of prohibited or regulated area.—After the expiry of one month from the date of the notification under rule 31 and after considering the objections, if any, received within the said period, the Central Government may declare, by notification in the Official Gazette, the area specified in the notification under rule 31, or any part of such area, to be a prohibited area, or, as the case maybe, a regulated area for purposes of mining operation or construction or both. THESE ARE ABSTRACTS OF AM&ASR ACT1959 WHERE GOVT HAS TAKEN VIEWS OF INTERESTED PARTIES AS PER ACT AND AS PER ACT PROTECTED AREA SHOULD BE FENCE AND LIMIT FOR EACH AND EVERY MONUMENT SHOULD BE SPECIFY NOT AS LUM SUM 300 MTS EITHER SIDE.
6/25/2012 8:32:58 AM
Comments by : sushil kumar
(i) “protected area” means any archaeological site and remains which is declared to be of national importance by or under this A(d) “archaeological site and remains” means any area which contains or is reasonably believed to contain ruins or relics of historical or archaeological importance which have been in existence for not less than one hundred years, and includes— (i) such portion of land adjoining the area as may be required for fencing or covering in or otherwise preserving it, AS PER ACT 1958 PROTECTED AREA SHOULD BE CLEAR IN WHICH MONUMENT CAN BE PROTECTED NOT THE WHOLE AREA AND IT SHOULD BE IN POCESSION OFASI AND FOR WHICH ASI SHOULD GIVE MARKET VALUE OF SUCH AREA
6/25/2012 8:47:04 AM
Comments by : sushil kumar
6/25/2012 8:53:26 AM
Comments by : B.S.Sarin
Yes in AM&ASR Act1958 and 1959 it is very clearly written that protected area should be notified and duly fenced and no constractions or cultivation should be there if ASI or Govt want to declarare any protected than it should be in pocession of Govt it can not be sell/purchase. Govt has to acquire it on market price.
6/26/2012 6:43:57 AM
Comments by : Mr. ds
ASI can became owner only according to the provisions given in AM&ASR act given below :-- .. Section - 5 - acquisition of rights in protected monument. Section- 6 - preservation by agreement. Section 7 - Owners under disability or not in possession . Section -13 - acquisition of protected monument. Section -15 - voluntary contribution. Section -20 - power to acquire a protected area under land acquisition act 1894. Section 19 (1) clearly says " provided that nothing in this sub-section shall be deemed to prohibit the use of any such area or part thereof for pupose of cultivation if such cultivation does not involve the digging of not more than one foot of soil from the surface." IF ASI became the owner only by declaring an area protected then there is no meaning of other provisions in the AM& ASR act 1958. ASI openly violating law by Replying Irresponsibly to RTI
6/26/2012 7:12:06 AM
Comments by : sunil singh
Few days back a report came in the Hindustan Times that ASI was considering de notification of Jogabai mould in Jamia Ngar -"The proposal for de-notification has to go from the circle office. "Our proposal for de-notifying Jogabai Mound is already pending," said DN Dimri, head of ASI's Delhi circle. I want to ask why monuments like Sarai shahji in Shivalik should not be de-notified in a similar way? ASI is protecting who at sarai shahji the jhuggi owners, who are even supplied free electricity?? or the stray dogs and pigs that abound at the garbage at sarai shahji? or is it protecting the anti social elements that hover around and take refuge in that area?? I appeal to the highest authorities to face reality, denotify and remove sarai shahji from protected list.
6/27/2012 12:19:19 AM
Comments by : S.sachdewa
After going through many comments of my countrymen here one reaches the conclusion that law in India is for only tax paying middle class people. People living in Govt. approved colonies like shivalik near Sarai shahji and paying all taxes like house tax and other municipal dues are not allowed free use of their property, whereas slum dwellers around sarai shahji are given free electricity and there is no restriction on them, and the jhuggi cluster has greatly increased over the years around sarai shahji, but ASI has done nothing to stop it, but is harassing residents of C-block shivalik who were allotted land by the government. I ask why did the government pass a colony and then subsequently impose restrictions on its free use? why no action has been taken against the jhuggi dwellers around sarai shahji? Just because they are a VOTE BANK? Or just because ASI itself knows that there is no historical or antique importance at sarai shahji, and its being used by them just as a garb to harass legal plot holders at C block shivalik. Its so frustrating...
6/27/2012 12:35:25 AM
Comments by : shahpurjat RWA
De - notify or remove Sarai Shahji form the list of protected monument , there is nothing to be called of national importance , it is a complete non-sense calling sarai shahji of national importance
6/28/2012 8:04:36 PM
Comments by : shahpurjat RWA
De - notify or remove Sarai Shahji form the list of protected monument , there is nothing to be called of national importance , it is a complete non-sense calling sarai shahji of national importance
6/28/2012 8:04:38 PM
Comments by : Shivalik
de-list or denotify sarai shaji
6/28/2012 8:57:17 PM
Comments by : vindoa
From 21.05.2012 till date competent authority have not given any approval so slow in working
6/29/2012 9:45:32 AM
Comments by : Daman seigell
It is requested that all pending applications which have been cleared by NMA be granted clearance from Competent Authority Delhi asap
7/3/2012 5:33:20 PM
Comments by : Daman seigell
Further to my suggestion it is suggested that till the new incumbent (competent authority Delhi) is nominated suitable steps be taken so that the work does not stop at the office and files continue to move as they normally would.This is possible if anticipation regarding retirements etc are catered for by the powers that be. Thank you
7/3/2012 5:46:25 PM
Comments by : chander shekhar
No approval given in protected area for reconstruction or repair till date
7/6/2012 11:13:42 AM
Comments by : a
NMA has cleared the file but the concerned person at ASI retired on 22/5/12. There is no new person to clear the files.
7/9/2012 6:49:54 AM
Comments by : a
After two years NMA is clearing the files but the concerned person at ASI, Jor Bagh, New Delhi retired on 22/5/12. Now there is no new person to issue leeters, those cleared by NMA. Please look into the matter as cases are already delayed.
7/11/2012 5:05:26 PM
Comments by : ramesh
7/13/2012 11:48:05 PM
Comments by : RAMESH
7/13/2012 11:53:18 PM
Comments by : suraj prakash
heritage bye laws are just a ploy to harass people and extract money
7/31/2012 10:02:48 AM
Comments by : Vivek Malik
Permissions are given to all those who bribe ASI officials. This is a known fact. Even if permission is not obtained construction is allowed on the sly by payment of bribes. A stark example of this - Construction of full 2nd floor is going on at C-97 Shivalik, which lies in the probhited area at less than 100 mts from sarai shahji a centrally protected monument. Since the construction has started ASI & DDA officials have turned a blind eye towards the construction activity going on there, and its going on full swing.
8/1/2012 10:09:16 AM
Comments by : Mustafa Bukhari
This Heritage act is just an excuse for ASI people to collect bribes and make money. In the garb of this law they are uselessly harassing people. Their interest lies in making money through corruption and not to protect monuments. Totally agree with Mr. Vivek malik.
8/1/2012 10:16:25 AM
Comments by : vindo
Akash drozario I wish to bring to your notice that I have applied under UID 492.(dy522).till date I see that houses within 100 meters of the protected monument called chor minar are being broken down and reconstructed.i bring to your notice yet again house nr. L-25 hauz khas full scale contruction is being come we are not given permission
8/27/2012 6:54:30 AM
Comments by : Ajay Bhalla
Government has recently declared the regularization of more than 900 illegal colonies.Is it some sort of TAMASHA or joke carried out on in this country. They are regularizing illegal colonies just for VOTE BANK, while not allowing construction in approved colonies due a draconian ASI heritage law. Most of the people living in colonies affected by the ASI law are upper middle to affluent class, and because hence they are not a significant vote bank they are being taken for a ride. The AMASR Act does not distinguish between say a Taj Mahal and the unknown urinal cum junkyard of Sarai shahji is enough testimony to the fact that how flawed this AMASR act is, and was passed in a hurry just before commonwealth games without any thought given to its implications. I want to ask why should Tax paying citizens staying in approved colonies on legally bought land from the government suffer, and others who were encroaching on government land are being rewarded by the government by this regularization of illegal colonies ??
8/29/2012 10:34:30 AM
Comments by : vindo
9/10/2012 7:17:17 AM
Comments by : vishal dewan
There seems to be a policy paralysis affecting the office of the competent authority & ASI, just like as its affecting the Central Government. No decisions taken, super slow movement of files and usual harassment of citizens.
9/13/2012 12:30:59 PM
Comments by : a.k.sharma
9/22/2012 11:05:04 PM
Comments by : ss
denotify sarai shahji the land around the monument is a private land , there is nothing of heritage or national importance , it is complete nonsense including it into ASI protected list , ITs protection should be transfered to delhi govt Archeology dept or wakf board which is already taking care of it from years, there is only a small kabristan and masjid only , do not harass people for nonsense , let the people leave in peace , god will give u people peace ,
9/28/2012 4:10:55 AM
Comments by : ss
denotify sarai shahji the land around the monument is a private land , there is nothing of heritage or national importance , it is complete nonsense including it into ASI protected list , ITs protection should be transfered to delhi govt Archeology dept or wakf board which is already taking care of it from years, there is only a small kabristan and masjid only , do not harass people for nonsense , let the people leave in peace , god will give u people peace ,
9/28/2012 4:11:08 AM
Comments by : ss
denotify sarai shahji the land around the monument is a private land , there is nothing of heritage or national importance , it is complete nonsense including it into ASI protected list , ITs protection should be transfered to delhi govt Archeology dept or wakf board which is already taking care of it from years, there is only a small kabristan and masjid only , do not harass people for nonsense , let the people leave in peace , god will give u people peace ,
9/28/2012 4:11:08 AM
Comments by : ss
denotify the nonsense private property of sarai shahji ,, transfer it to delhi govt archeology dept or wakf board ,, balmiki camp and shivalik people are very much harassed due to this nonsense sarai shahji shouchalay structure denotify or hand over it to sarai shahji RWA for proper upkeep denotify the nonsense ,, it is a private property
9/28/2012 4:19:29 AM
Comments by : Rahul PAL
What is definition of a protected Monument according to ASI ? Does it mean to be Surrounded by Slums, Jhuggis and filth ?? Well that is what is Sarai Shahji in malviya nagar whose so called 'protected land' is surrounded by a slum called balamiki camp. This slum is supplied FREE electricity via a dedicated electric line, Free alcohol is distributed by political parties during election time. In short encroachers on public land are rewarded and legitimate plot holders of C block Shivalik are not allowed to build their houses citing their proximity to Sarai shahji. Sarai shahji is is used for defecation and urinal by the slum dwellers, and the ASI never could do anything since the slum dwellers are a VOTE BANK, while its uselessly harassing people in shivalik, malviya nagar and sarvpriya vihar, all who are legal plot holders paying all municipal taxes. The slums lie between Shivalik and Sarai shahji, so its too a far fetched a thought that houses several metres away could pose any danger to its structure when slums just adjacent to Sarai shahji are allowed to prosper. Sarai shahji has not even received a single visitor/tourist since the past 50 years and nobody knows its historical significance. I appeal to the Government and ASI to remove structures like Sarai shaji from protected list.
9/29/2012 1:28:03 AM
Comments by : Kunal Kaushal
Denotify all tomb in NDSE-1 and transfer it to Delhi Archeological dept as there are nothing of heritage and of national importance , it is a completely harresment to residence include it in ASI list.
10/16/2012 4:18:54 AM
Comments by : a.k.sharma
10/16/2012 7:17:57 AM
Comments by : a.k.sharma
10/16/2012 7:20:13 AM
Comments by : Rojit hanglem
i call your attention to this matter with respect that the wooden post which is erecting upward on the roof of Flagstaff Monument , kamala nehru park north ridge is almost broken and bending as if it is going to fall down . In our guess the wooden post may carry more than 5 kg and sudden falling of it from the height of around 25 feet and if someone is hit by the falling post may cause fatal injuries as we know all kinds of people from young one to old man are regularly roaming around and sitting around the monument . I am a student here in delhi and i use to go to kamala nehru park everyday. It may not breaking totally and fall down today or tomorrow but it is in risky condition thus i am requesting for taking up some preventive measures by respective authority . please , pay your concern just before someone getting injure by it .
12/8/2012 4:57:36 AM
Comments by : Rojit hanglem
i call your attention to this matter with respect that the wooden post which is erecting upward on the roof of Flagstaff Monument , kamala nehru park north ridge is almost broken and bending as if it is going to fall down . In our guess the wooden post may carry more than 5 kg and sudden falling of it from the height of around 25 feet and if someone is hit by the falling post may cause fatal injuries as we know all kinds of people from young one to old man are regularly roaming around and sitting around the monument . I am a student here in delhi and i use to go to kamala nehru park everyday. It may not breaking totally and fall down today or tomorrow but it is in risky condition thus i am requesting for taking up some preventive measures by respective authority . please , pay your concern just before someone getting injure by it .
12/8/2012 4:57:42 AM
Comments by : vinoda
12/8/2012 9:20:17 PM
Comments by : awadh tripathi
Today in Hindustan Times on page 4 story has come out that Delhi government is planning to regularize illegal colonies on ASI land. whereas it does not allow construction in regularized colonies where residents pay all taxes. What an Irony !!! This government both the centre and state are just playing Vote bank politics. Height of double standards. I appeal to the government to stop harassing tax paying citizens. This asi law should not be applied to already regularized colonies where people pay municipal taxes. Otherwise government should compensate owners at market value and acquire that land.
1/5/2013 1:44:01 AM
Comments by : vinoda
1/5/2013 11:57:26 PM
Comments by : a
1/6/2013 6:20:44 AM
Comments by : a
1/17/2013 8:55:48 AM
Comments by : A
1/17/2013 8:56:39 AM
Comments by : vinoda
I live in Shivalik colony C block in south Delhi near Malviya nagar. There is a small monument of unknown significance by the name of Sarai Shahji near our colony declared a protected monument by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). This monument is surrounded by a big cluster of Jhuggis and slums and there is absolutely nothing that the ASI has done for upkeep of this monument. There has been no visitor/tourist to this structure since last 50 years. My question is 1) Our colony is more than 100 mts away if the distance is measured from the gate of the monument itself. But the ASI in its duplicity measures the distance from where the jhuggi cluster surrounding the monument ends, and not from the monument itself citing that the land on which the slums stand is also owned by them. Over the years the slum cluster is increasing and there has been no step taken by the authorities to protect the monument from degradation. On the other hand we the owners of legitimate plots paying all municipal taxes are harassed by not being allowed construction. Also how can a law treat national monuments like Taj mahal, Qutub minar at par with random old tombs/structures that Delhi is filled with ??
2/3/2013 8:24:59 AM
Comments by : B.P.SHARMA
2/4/2013 7:08:48 AM
Comments by : Bikram ray
Mr Shrama government and its officials are busy looting taxpayer money and playing Vote bank politics. They are not interested to solve problems of the people
2/4/2013 12:46:05 PM
Comments by : Kartikeya das
Government should not after passing a colony, where people buy houses/plots with their hard earned money and then subsequently impose restrictions on them . This amounts to cheating its own citizens.
2/15/2013 1:03:09 PM
Comments by : R.K.KHURANA
2/16/2013 5:54:18 AM
Comments by : a
ublic Participation You may propose your heritage bye-laws regarding any centrally protected monument under "Propose Heritage Bye-laws". 2/22/2013 8:53:42 AM
2/22/2013 8:55:00 AM
Comments by : vinoda
Public Participation You may propose your heritage bye-laws regarding any centrally protected monument under "Propose Heritage Bye-laws".
2/23/2013 9:26:27 PM
Comments by : B
AHMEDABAD: A group of concerned citizens have urged the National Monument Authority (NMA) to speed up the implementation of special heritage bylaws for development around centrally protected archaeological sites - especially considering the encroachment problems around ASI sites in the walled city. Currently, the NMA has entrusted the work of recommending special bylaws around monuments to Indian National Trust for Art Culture and Heritage (INTACH), Gujarat. ASI had asked INTACH earlier this year to formulate new bylaws for 13 important archaeological sites from across the country on the basis of their contextual importance. The new bylaws will apply to similar structures across the country. Among these 13, the ASI had chosen Sarkhej Roza and Dwarka temple from Gujarat.
3/16/2013 6:14:36 AM
Comments by : B
The NMA-INTACH team had met at Sarkhej on November 21, for a stakeholder meeting. The committee was formed in the light of the new Act called the Ancient Monuments and Archaelogical Sites and Remains (amendment and validation) Act 2010. "The process of formulating bylaws is pretty slow and confusing. The committee is at least two years late in its formation. By the time they come out with bylaws it will be too late as a lot of development activities are coming up around ancient monuments," says chairman of the monument conservationist and concerned person's association, Jitendra Shah. "INTACH has recommended a five-storey building within 100 and 200 metres of a monument and a high rise beyond 200 and 300 metres. This is contrary to the prevailing rules which bans any building more than 15 meters high. Besides the ASI considers parking, lift cabin and water tanks in its calculations. Recently around Achyut Bibi mosque, a developer got permission for a 21 metre tall building a little beyond 100 metres of the mosque. But such permissions are denied to a common man. This partiality and lack of clarity is because of the absence of laws," says Shah. Ads by Google
3/16/2013 6:18:38 AM
Comments by : ravinder gupta
when our LAW gives the right of equielity to allindian citizen ,than why people suufer whose property comes in with in 100 mtr of protected mounument , premission should be granted to every one
4/4/2013 12:02:41 AM
Comments by : a
In real meaning of protection is that protected monuments should have fencing all around like Khuni Darwaja near Darya Ganj Police Station as no body can entre inside furher no visitor or tourist should be allowed inside.
4/16/2013 8:00:50 AM
Comments by : Britto
[MASR act was passed without knowing the real issues. ASI was sleeping for years together. In 1992 ares near the monuments were declared as protected and activities restricted ( Notification 6/1992) but remains and sites were NOT included. Even in the ordinance promulgated by the President of India in Jan 2010 Remains and sites was NOT included but later when the act was passed in March 2010 ,a new clause 20(B) was specifically inserted to bring remains and sites also under the act and given retrospective effect from 1992. Is this correct ? If ASI and GOVT had taken action earlier people would not have brought lands here. What was ASI doing from 1992? Sites in Pallavaram and Sembakkam have been identified as Remains and sites and not as a Monument by ASI .We cannot reconstruct our house and cannot build on vacant land in oriohibited area We cannot sell our property Is it our mistake? Is the GOvt for the living people or for the dead ones ] It is also a fact that CMDA/ local bodies gave approval for constructions in this area in Sembakkam and Pallavaram because the1992 ASI notification bars construction activity in the prohibited area adjoining A MONUMENT and NOT adjoining a remains and sites area as found in Sembakkam and Pallavaram. We can say that the CMDA/Local bodies are correct in granting approval in these areas, even if they are unaware of the ASI Notification issued in June 1992. By invoking 2010 AMASR act and giving retrospective effect great injustice is being done to the people residing in this areas including Perumbakkam, Kadaperi, Kelambakkam, Perungalthur, vandalur and other affected areas in Kancheepuram Dt. of Tamil Nadu We the affected residents ,welcome the judgement of the Honourable H.C of Chennai
5/11/2013 3:47:02 AM
Comments by : R.P.Ram
This Heritage act is just an excuse for ASI people to collect bribes and make money. In the garb of this law they are uselessly harassing people. Their interest lies in making money through corruption and not to protect monuments. Now Competent Authority on same path. Totally agree with Mr. Vivek malik.
5/11/2013 11:26:14 AM
Comments by : R.P.Ram
This Heritage act is just an excuse for ASI people to collect bribes and make money. In the garb of this law they are uselessly harassing people. Their interest lies in making money through corruption and not to protect monuments. Now Competent Authority on same path. Totally agree with Mr. Vivek malik.
5/11/2013 11:26:20 AM
Comments by : vinoda
mr.britto What is judgment of Honourable H.C.OF CHENNAI. We lot of peoples are also suffering due to this act.
5/17/2013 12:27:17 AM
Comments by : A
Grievance by :akash drozario Have applied for 2nd floor contruction at L-27 haul khans enclave.24 meters from the chor minar.hv not recd any approval even though I have submitted my file.hv also complained before.Unauthorised contruction is going on at L-25 hauz khas enclave in full swing.they hv no permission.we would like to know why no action has been taken.we would like to know why their are double standards.also in F1/3 and F 1/5 full scale construction is going on within 100 meters of the chor minar.we would appreciate to let us know what is going on??? 5/18/2013 5:41:08 AM Action::Status:: Grievance by :Mr.Aditya Gupta L- 25,hauz khas enclave.unauthorised contruction is going on within 50 meters of the monument chor minar since the past 1 action has been taken.They are at present finishing the roofing of the first floor.we have pending application L-3, hauz khas enclave.
5/20/2013 11:17:02 PM
Comments by : Sridharan Aravind
Blueshell Consultancy and Services has developed a software “PROTECTED MONUMENT DISTANCE MEASURING SYSTEM” (PMDMS) for calculating the distance of properties falling in the vicinity of 65 Nationally Protected Monuments. During the survey of (Phase- I) we found approx. 11,000 properties in South Delhi which are falling under AMASR Act 2010 (Ancient Monuments and Archeological Sites and Remains). The application is the only of its kind in India which calculates the distance of the property from its nearest centrally protected monument thus confirming the status i.e. Prohibited/Regulated & Beyond Regulated Key Features: • PMDMS is a highly flexible and easy to use application. • Each and every property falling in the vicinity of 300 meters of the protected monument is physically verified and mapped. • The only application which helps in identifying the contents of Regulated/Prohibited area surrounded by the protected monuments in South Delhi. • It is intuitively linked to GIS for better locational understanding of the Protected Monuments and the properties falling in Regulated/Prohibited Areas in South Delhi covering 65 monuments with 11000 plus properties. • The Data helps in framing the Heritage Bye-Laws. The below link will help you to understand how the application works. Thanks, Team Blueshell New Delhi +91-8285806353
7/23/2013 4:10:07 AM
Comments by : admin-iftekhar
It is humble request to all of you to post grievances only regarding permission for construction/re-construction/repair/renovation in regulated/prohibited area, from Archaeological Survey of India.
1/7/2014 2:10:26 AM
Comments by : admin-iftekhar
It is humble request to all of you to post grievances only regarding permission for construction/re-construction/repair/renovation in regulated/prohibited area, from Archaeological Survey of India.
1/7/2014 2:10:30 AM
Comments by : admin-iftekhar
It is humble request to all of you to post grievances only regarding permission for construction/re-construction/repair/renovation in regulated/prohibited area, from Archaeological Survey of India.
1/7/2014 2:10:34 AM
Comments by : Janette
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4/18/2015 2:03:43 PM
Comments by : varlog
4/27/2015 3:01:56 AM
Comments by : ShekharAgarwal
Within10-15 mtrs of Lal Gumbad, Chirag Delhi more than 200 jhuggies have come up by encroaching its land and these jhuggis keep on adding floor over floor without fear whereas Authorised Plot Owners, Sadhna Enclave (Panchsheel) at a distance of 50 - 100 mtrs are not allowed to make any addition/ modification to their existing houses. Addition/ Modification to existing houses may be permitted without any harm to monument.
4/27/2015 4:19:46 AM
Comments by : ShekharAgarwal
Within10-15 mtrs of Lal Gumbad, Chirag Delhi more than 200 jhuggies have come up by encroaching its land and these jhuggis keep on adding floor over floor without fear whereas Authorised Plot Owners, Sadhna Enclave (Panchsheel) at a distance of 50 - 100 mtrs are not allowed to make any addition/ modification to their existing houses. Addition/ Modification to existing houses may be permitted without any harm to monument.
4/27/2015 4:19:48 AM
Comments by : ShekharAgarwal
Within10-15 mtrs of Lal Gumbad, Chirag Delhi more than 200 jhuggies have come up by encroaching its land and these jhuggis keep on adding floor over floor without fear whereas Authorised Plot Owners, Sadhna Enclave (Panchsheel) at a distance of 50 - 100 mtrs are not allowed to make any addition/ modification to their existing houses. Addition/ Modification to existing houses may be permitted without any harm to monument.
4/27/2015 4:19:51 AM
Comments by : ShekharAgarwal
Within10-15 mtrs of Lal Gumbad, Chirag Delhi more than 200 jhuggies have come up by encroaching its land and these jhuggis keep on adding floor over floor without fear whereas Authorised Plot Owners, Sadhna Enclave (Panchsheel) at a distance of 50 - 100 mtrs are not allowed to make any addition/ modification to their existing houses. Addition/ Modification to existing houses may be permitted without any harm to monument.
4/27/2015 4:19:52 AM
Comments by : ShekharAgarwal
Within10-15 mtrs of Lal Gumbad, Chirag Delhi more than 200 jhuggies have come up by encroaching its land and these jhuggis keep on adding floor over floor without fear whereas Authorised Plot Owners, Sadhna Enclave (Panchsheel) at a distance of 50 - 100 mtrs are not allowed to make any addition/ modification to their existing houses. Addition/ Modification to existing houses may be permitted without any harm to monument.
4/27/2015 4:19:53 AM
Comments by : ShekharAgarwal
Within10-15 mtrs of Lal Gumbad, Chirag Delhi more than 200 jhuggies have come up by encroaching its land and these jhuggis keep on adding floor over floor without fear whereas Authorised Plot Owners, Sadhna Enclave (Panchsheel) at a distance of 50 - 100 mtrs are not allowed to make any addition/ modification to their existing houses. Addition/ Modification to existing houses may be permitted without any harm to monument.
4/27/2015 4:19:55 AM
Comments by : ShekharAgarwal
Within10-15 mtrs of Lal Gumbad, Chirag Delhi more than 200 jhuggies have come up by encroaching its land and these jhuggis keep on adding floor over floor without fear whereas Authorised Plot Owners, Sadhna Enclave (Panchsheel) at a distance of 50 - 100 mtrs are not allowed to make any addition/ modification to their existing houses. Addition/ Modification to existing houses may be permitted without any harm to monument.
4/27/2015 4:19:56 AM
Comments by : ShekharAgarwal
Within10-15 mtrs of Lal Gumbad, Chirag Delhi more than 200 jhuggies have come up by encroaching its land and these jhuggis keep on adding floor over floor without fear whereas Authorised Plot Owners, Sadhna Enclave (Panchsheel) at a distance of 50 - 100 mtrs are not allowed to make any addition/ modification to their existing houses. Addition/ Modification to existing houses may be permitted without any harm to monument.
4/27/2015 4:19:57 AM
Comments by : ShekharAgarwal
Within10-15 mtrs of Lal Gumbad, Chirag Delhi more than 200 jhuggies have come up by encroaching its land and these jhuggis keep on adding floor over floor without fear whereas Authorised Plot Owners, Sadhna Enclave (Panchsheel) at a distance of 50 - 100 mtrs are not allowed to make any addition/ modification to their existing houses. Addition/ Modification to existing houses may be permitted without any harm to monument.
4/27/2015 4:19:58 AM
Comments by : marcus
4/30/2015 3:17:46 PM
Comments by : rodjer
4/30/2015 3:19:52 PM
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5/7/2015 4:18:33 AM
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5/7/2015 4:18:41 AM
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5/7/2015 4:18:45 AM
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5/7/2015 4:18:49 AM
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5/7/2015 4:19:01 AM
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5/7/2015 4:19:06 AM
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5/7/2015 12:01:49 PM
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5/7/2015 12:02:01 PM
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5/7/2015 12:02:05 PM
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5/7/2015 2:34:51 PM
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5/7/2015 2:34:55 PM
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5/7/2015 5:08:13 PM
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5/7/2015 7:43:30 PM
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5/7/2015 7:43:34 PM
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5/7/2015 7:43:43 PM
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5/7/2015 7:43:47 PM
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5/7/2015 7:43:51 PM
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5/7/2015 10:08:45 PM
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5/7/2015 10:08:50 PM
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5/7/2015 10:08:55 PM
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5/7/2015 10:09:00 PM
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5/8/2015 3:03:39 AM
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5/8/2015 3:03:44 AM
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5/8/2015 3:03:52 AM
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5/8/2015 3:04:01 AM
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5/8/2015 5:36:27 AM
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5/8/2015 5:36:32 AM
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5/8/2015 5:36:36 AM
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5/8/2015 5:36:45 AM
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5/8/2015 5:36:50 AM
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5/8/2015 5:36:54 AM
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5/8/2015 5:36:59 AM
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5/8/2015 8:09:26 AM
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5/8/2015 8:09:31 AM
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5/8/2015 8:09:57 AM
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5/8/2015 10:51:54 AM
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History valif oral jelly nebenwirkungen © Incisive Media Investments Limited 2013, Published by Incisive Financial Publishing Limited, Haymarket House, 28-29 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4RX, are companies registered in England and Wales with company registration numbers 04252091 & 04252093
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5/8/2015 1:24:07 PM
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5/8/2015 1:24:11 PM
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5/8/2015 1:24:26 PM
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5/8/2015 1:24:30 PM
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5/8/2015 1:24:35 PM
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5/8/2015 1:24:40 PM
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5/8/2015 1:24:45 PM
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5/8/2015 3:52:23 PM
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5/8/2015 3:52:28 PM
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5/8/2015 6:25:04 PM
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5/8/2015 6:25:10 PM
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5/8/2015 11:20:12 PM
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5/9/2015 1:45:33 AM
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5/9/2015 1:45:38 AM
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5/9/2015 1:45:43 AM
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5/9/2015 1:45:49 AM
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5/9/2015 1:45:53 AM
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5/9/2015 4:11:59 AM
Comments by : Payton
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5/9/2015 4:12:03 AM
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5/9/2015 4:12:08 AM
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5/9/2015 6:41:17 AM
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5/9/2015 6:41:22 AM
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5/9/2015 6:41:28 AM
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5/9/2015 6:41:33 AM
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5/9/2015 6:41:39 AM
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5/9/2015 6:41:44 AM
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5/9/2015 6:41:54 AM
Comments by : Britt
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5/9/2015 6:41:59 AM
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5/9/2015 9:10:05 AM
Comments by : Agustin
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5/9/2015 9:10:10 AM
Comments by : Wiley
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5/11/2015 1:08:39 AM
Comments by : Eblanned
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5/11/2015 1:08:44 AM
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5/11/2015 6:12:17 AM
Comments by : Nicholas
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5/11/2015 6:12:33 AM
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5/11/2015 8:46:00 AM
Comments by : Homer
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5/11/2015 2:10:59 PM
Comments by : Logan
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5/11/2015 2:11:05 PM
Comments by : Cody
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5/11/2015 2:11:39 PM
Comments by : August
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5/11/2015 4:45:44 PM
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5/11/2015 4:45:49 PM
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5/11/2015 4:46:00 PM
Comments by : Tommie
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5/11/2015 4:46:06 PM
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5/11/2015 4:46:12 PM
Comments by : Gabriel
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5/11/2015 4:46:18 PM
Comments by : Pasquale
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5/11/2015 4:46:23 PM
Comments by : Deandre
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5/11/2015 4:46:29 PM
Comments by : Rachel
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5/11/2015 4:46:35 PM
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5/11/2015 7:22:43 PM
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5/11/2015 7:22:50 PM
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5/11/2015 7:22:56 PM
Comments by : Vincenzo
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5/11/2015 7:23:02 PM
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5/11/2015 7:23:08 PM
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5/11/2015 9:53:32 PM
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5/12/2015 12:22:57 AM
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5/12/2015 12:23:04 AM
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5/12/2015 2:57:23 AM
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5/12/2015 2:57:29 AM
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5/12/2015 2:57:41 AM
Comments by : Berry
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5/12/2015 2:57:47 AM
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5/12/2015 2:57:54 AM
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5/12/2015 2:58:00 AM
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5/12/2015 2:58:17 AM
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5/12/2015 2:58:23 AM
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5/12/2015 5:36:30 AM
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5/12/2015 5:36:36 AM
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5/12/2015 5:36:42 AM
Comments by : Ava
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5/12/2015 5:36:49 AM
Comments by : Darrel
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5/12/2015 5:36:55 AM
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5/12/2015 5:37:01 AM
Comments by : Darrel
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5/12/2015 5:37:07 AM
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5/12/2015 5:37:13 AM
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5/12/2015 5:37:20 AM
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5/12/2015 8:12:21 AM
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5/12/2015 11:04:30 AM
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5/12/2015 11:04:42 AM
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5/12/2015 11:04:55 AM
Comments by : Nathanael
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5/12/2015 11:05:01 AM
Comments by : Santo
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5/12/2015 11:05:07 AM
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5/12/2015 11:05:13 AM
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5/12/2015 11:05:19 AM
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5/12/2015 11:05:26 AM
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5/12/2015 1:36:35 PM
Comments by : Curt
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5/12/2015 1:36:41 PM
Comments by : Issac
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5/12/2015 1:36:47 PM
Comments by : Timmy
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5/12/2015 1:36:55 PM
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5/12/2015 4:02:42 PM
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5/12/2015 4:02:49 PM
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5/12/2015 4:02:55 PM
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5/12/2015 4:03:01 PM
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5/12/2015 4:03:10 PM
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5/12/2015 4:03:17 PM
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5/12/2015 8:51:08 PM
Comments by : Colton
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5/12/2015 8:51:14 PM
Comments by : Stuart
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5/12/2015 8:51:20 PM
Comments by : Zoe
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5/12/2015 8:51:27 PM
Comments by : Mario
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5/12/2015 8:51:34 PM
Comments by : Williams
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5/12/2015 8:51:41 PM
Comments by : Leroy
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5/12/2015 8:51:47 PM
Comments by : Dorian
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5/12/2015 8:51:54 PM
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5/12/2015 8:52:01 PM
Comments by : Carmelo
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5/12/2015 8:52:09 PM
Comments by : Eugenio
How do you know each other? caverta 50 price â??We can do it right now,â? Kidd said Tuesday, before the Nets beat Boston, 82-80, in a preseason game. â??Just want it quick. (Doing it before the regular season) was my choice. During training camp would be even better. Itâ??s not about me. Itâ??s about the players.â?
5/13/2015 1:39:45 AM
Comments by : Harvey
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5/13/2015 1:49:06 AM
Comments by : Sterling
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5/13/2015 1:49:14 AM
Comments by : Andres
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5/13/2015 1:49:20 AM
Comments by : Edmundo
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5/13/2015 1:49:26 AM
Comments by : Vincent
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5/13/2015 1:49:32 AM
Comments by : Reggie
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5/13/2015 1:49:38 AM
Comments by : Vaughn
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5/13/2015 1:49:45 AM
Comments by : Malcolm
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5/13/2015 1:49:51 AM
Comments by : Isabel
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5/13/2015 1:49:57 AM
Comments by : Aaliyah
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5/13/2015 1:50:04 AM
Comments by : Milford
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5/13/2015 2:44:37 AM
Comments by : Amado
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5/13/2015 3:55:00 AM
Comments by : Quinton
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5/13/2015 5:00:04 AM
Comments by : Mariano
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5/13/2015 6:08:02 AM
Comments by : Rubin
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5/13/2015 6:51:06 AM
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5/13/2015 6:51:12 AM
Comments by : Vance
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5/13/2015 6:51:19 AM
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5/13/2015 7:15:15 AM
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5/13/2015 8:23:35 AM
Comments by : Randall
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5/13/2015 9:32:12 AM
Comments by : Jessica
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5/13/2015 10:39:21 AM
Comments by : Ryan
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5/13/2015 12:03:47 PM
Comments by : Shelby
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5/13/2015 12:09:49 PM
Comments by : Bernard
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5/13/2015 12:10:00 PM
Comments by : Lioncool
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5/13/2015 12:10:10 PM
Comments by : Bernard
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5/13/2015 12:10:18 PM
Comments by : Davis
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5/13/2015 12:10:25 PM
Comments by : Colin
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5/13/2015 12:10:33 PM
Comments by : Leroy
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5/13/2015 1:13:20 PM
Comments by : Lyman
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5/13/2015 2:20:59 PM
Comments by : Mickey
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5/13/2015 2:41:09 PM
Comments by : Morton
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5/13/2015 2:41:17 PM
Comments by : Jarrod
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5/13/2015 3:36:57 PM
Comments by : Forest
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5/13/2015 5:05:58 PM
Comments by : Steve
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5/13/2015 5:06:04 PM
Comments by : Brayden
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5/13/2015 5:06:10 PM
Comments by : Adolfo
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5/13/2015 5:06:18 PM
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5/13/2015 5:06:25 PM
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Comments by : Antoine
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5/13/2015 5:06:45 PM
Comments by : Vernon
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5/13/2015 5:06:58 PM
Comments by : Carlo
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5/13/2015 5:07:17 PM
Comments by : Kendall
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5/13/2015 5:07:31 PM
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5/13/2015 5:43:30 PM
Comments by : Patric
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5/13/2015 6:47:28 PM
Comments by : Erin
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5/13/2015 10:01:24 PM
Comments by : Diego
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5/13/2015 10:01:38 PM
Comments by : Jimmy
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5/13/2015 11:17:11 PM
Comments by : Eldridge
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5/14/2015 12:24:25 AM
Comments by : Simon
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5/14/2015 12:35:13 AM
Comments by : Denny
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5/14/2015 12:35:28 AM
Comments by : Merlin
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5/14/2015 12:35:34 AM
Comments by : Jerrold
The manager precio de avanafil "There's pressure on you, because you're shooting real bullets if this actually happened," said Dougan, who has three children attending Clarksville schools. "I was nervous to start, but once it started and I was going through what they had taught us, it just took over."
5/14/2015 12:35:41 AM
Comments by : Ulysses
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5/14/2015 12:35:50 AM
Comments by : Franklyn
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5/14/2015 1:32:39 AM
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5/14/2015 2:39:35 AM
Comments by : Enoch
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5/14/2015 3:07:37 AM
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5/14/2015 3:29:07 AM
Comments by : Percy
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5/14/2015 3:29:21 AM
Comments by : Korey
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5/14/2015 3:49:19 AM
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5/14/2015 5:00:45 AM
Comments by : Lioncool
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5/14/2015 5:45:20 AM
Comments by : Javier
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5/14/2015 5:45:34 AM
Comments by : Adrian
I'll send you a text tadora 20 tablet Sander van ‘t Noordende, group chief executive of Accenture Management Consulting, said bosses' “initial optimism has given way to the belief that the constraints of market structures and incentives prevent them from embedding sustainability at the heart of their business. Many would now welcome government action to reshape market rules.”
5/14/2015 5:45:42 AM
Comments by : Darron
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5/14/2015 5:45:52 AM
Comments by : Ismael
Looking for a job cheap zhewitra Most people aren't terminated in such a spectacle, but there is a moral to the tale: Whether you're a manager or an employee, the dumper or the dumpee, firing is never fun. It is possible, however, to give someone the bad news while still keeping your humanity and upholding your employee's dignity. Robert Sutton, a Stanford University professor and author of "Good Boss, Bad Boss" offers four guidelines in his book for how to handle letting someone go:
5/14/2015 5:46:04 AM
Comments by : Brock
Incorrect PIN what is tadalista 10 If the House of Representatives approves a stopgap fundingplan already passed by the Senate - something that did notappear imminent - that would make Obama's travel plans a lotless complicated, White House spokesman Jay Carney said.
5/14/2015 5:46:16 AM
Comments by : Seth
History womenra online "Delaying action not only allows potential costs to grow, it also has the potential to threaten the credibility and the predictability of future monetary policy actions," she told the Colorado Economic Forum at a dinner in Denver.
5/14/2015 8:34:05 AM
Comments by : Sonny
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5/14/2015 9:44:20 AM
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5/14/2015 10:56:30 AM
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5/14/2015 11:22:58 AM
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5/14/2015 11:23:06 AM
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Photography dapoxetine online uk The Steelers fell to 0-2 for the first time since 2002, done in by another game of self-destruction on offense. Pittsburgh had two turnovers in scoring range and couldn't hold the ball long enough to give their defense a breather, failing to get a first down on seven of their 12 possessions.
5/14/2015 11:23:17 AM
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Can I take your number? stendra cheap Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Craig Fugate said a FEMA assistance team was coordinating with state and local officials.The U.S. Transportation Department said it would immediately provide $5 million in emergency relief funds to help Colorado cover the costs of repairing roads and bridges.
5/14/2015 11:23:29 AM
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5/14/2015 11:23:38 AM
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5/14/2015 11:23:48 AM
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5/14/2015 11:24:09 AM
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5/14/2015 11:24:18 AM
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5/14/2015 11:24:26 AM
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I've just started at buy vriligy online Jonesappeared to be fighting back tears and could be heard whisperingtowards the jury. The lead attorney for Jones, Eric Deters, who was inanother trial when the verdict was announced, tweeted and posted onFacebook the following: "Today. A wise jury. A fair judge. A bravewoman. Changed America for the better. This is historic. I am honored tobe part of it."
5/14/2015 11:24:34 AM
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5/14/2015 1:58:47 PM
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5/14/2015 1:58:54 PM
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5/15/2015 5:23:22 AM
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5/15/2015 5:23:28 AM
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5/15/2015 5:23:42 AM
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Could I take your name and number, please? cheap mygra â??You donâ??t like a particular policy or a particular President? Then argue for your position. Go out there and win an election. Push to change it. But donâ??t break it. Donâ??t break what our predecessors spent over two centuries building. Thatâ??s not being faithful to what this countryâ??s about.â?
5/15/2015 5:23:49 AM
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Photography duratia side effects On this week's Daily News Fifth Yankees Podcast, Mark Feinsand sits down with outfielder Vernon Wells to discuss the Yankees' fading postseason hopes, the tough road trip and what the team's recent stumble means going forward.
5/15/2015 5:23:56 AM
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5/15/2015 5:24:03 AM
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5/15/2015 5:24:10 AM
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5/15/2015 5:24:19 AM
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5/15/2015 5:24:25 AM
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5/15/2015 5:24:32 AM
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5/15/2015 7:43:33 PM
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5/15/2015 9:17:23 PM
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5/15/2015 9:17:30 PM
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5/15/2015 9:17:37 PM
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5/15/2015 9:17:43 PM
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5/15/2015 9:17:50 PM
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5/15/2015 9:33:45 PM
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5/29/2015 7:30:16 PM
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5/29/2015 7:30:22 PM
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5/29/2015 7:30:29 PM
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5/29/2015 7:30:35 PM
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5/29/2015 7:30:42 PM
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5/29/2015 7:30:48 PM
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5/29/2015 7:30:55 PM
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I'd like to apply for this job womenra tablets On this week's Daily News Fifth Yankees Podcast, Mark Feinsand is joined by WFAN's Sweeny Murti during the final day of the season at Yankee Stadium as they talk about Mariano Rivera's emotional Bronx farewell.
5/29/2015 7:31:01 PM
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5/29/2015 7:31:08 PM
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5/29/2015 7:31:15 PM
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5/30/2015 2:55:21 AM
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5/30/2015 2:55:27 AM
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5/30/2015 2:55:36 AM
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5/30/2015 2:55:43 AM
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5/30/2015 2:55:50 AM
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5/30/2015 2:55:56 AM
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5/30/2015 2:56:02 AM
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Looking for a job vidalista forum "You get to a point where there's a danger that you're cutting too much and that the quality of education you're providing isn't as great," Stockman said. "We're just going to have to do the same amount or more with less."
5/30/2015 2:56:08 AM
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5/30/2015 2:56:15 AM
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5/30/2015 2:56:21 AM
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5/30/2015 5:24:57 AM
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5/30/2015 5:25:03 AM
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5/30/2015 5:25:10 AM
Comments by : Nolan
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5/30/2015 5:25:16 AM
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I enjoy travelling order vitaros online Much of the success of shale oil and gas in North Dakota,which now accounts for over 10 percent of U.S. energy output andnow has the lowest unemployment rate in the country, is down tothe ease and speed of drilling new wells and developinginfrastructure such as pipelines and processing plants.
5/30/2015 7:55:26 AM
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5/30/2015 7:55:32 AM
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5/30/2015 7:55:39 AM
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5/30/2015 7:55:46 AM
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5/30/2015 6:17:19 PM
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5/30/2015 6:17:26 PM
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5/30/2015 6:17:33 PM
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5/30/2015 6:17:40 PM
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5/30/2015 6:17:46 PM
Comments by : Dewey
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5/30/2015 6:17:53 PM
Comments by : Titus
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5/30/2015 6:17:59 PM
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5/30/2015 6:18:05 PM
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5/30/2015 6:18:12 PM
Comments by : Kyle
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5/30/2015 6:18:18 PM
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6/1/2015 2:17:12 AM
Comments by : Jane
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6/1/2015 2:17:20 AM
Comments by : Columbus
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6/1/2015 2:17:27 AM
Comments by : Edgardo
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6/1/2015 2:17:34 AM
Comments by : Perry
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6/1/2015 2:17:41 AM
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Looking for a job revatio pediatric dosing Some U.S. lawmakers have called for a halt to the $1.5 billion a year given mostly in military assistance to Egypt to bolster its 1979 peace treaty with Israel. Military cooperation includes privileged U.S. access to the Suez Canal.
6/1/2015 2:17:48 AM
Comments by : Connie
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6/1/2015 2:17:54 AM
Comments by : Dennis
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6/1/2015 2:18:01 AM
Comments by : Buster
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6/1/2015 2:18:11 AM
Comments by : Jenna
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6/1/2015 2:18:18 AM
Comments by : Keven
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6/1/2015 5:59:30 PM
Comments by : Caroline
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6/1/2015 5:59:38 PM
Comments by : Francisco
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6/2/2015 11:36:00 AM
Comments by : Danilo
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6/2/2015 11:36:07 AM
Comments by : Pitfighter
I work here weekend warrior pill review No matter the setting, Kelly and company believe the mobile tour is the best way for fans to interact with the Super Bowl without actually being there. From video boards to combine-style agility tests, fansâ?? performances at the site will be recorded via radio frequency technology and stored on white wristbands that fans can take home, similar to the ones that quarterbacks wear in games.
6/2/2015 11:36:13 AM
Comments by : Mathew
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6/2/2015 11:36:19 AM
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6/2/2015 11:36:26 AM
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6/2/2015 11:36:32 AM
Comments by : Dominique
I'll call back later vigapro price â??Some of the data gathering assignment will be impossible to complete until the Republican/tea party controlled House of Representatives agrees to fund the government,â? University of Wisconsin La Crosse Assistant Geography Professor Rachel Slocum told students in an e-mail.
6/2/2015 11:36:38 AM
Comments by : Antione
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6/2/2015 11:36:45 AM
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6/2/2015 11:36:51 AM
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6/2/2015 11:36:57 AM
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6/2/2015 2:09:01 PM
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6/6/2015 4:17:33 PM
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I'm afraid that number's ex-directory forzest by ranbaxy review A spokesperson for the commission said: "Although the original route was revised, on the basis of the representations received the Commission has concluded that if the parade were to proceed as notified it would have a damaging effect on community relations in the town.
6/6/2015 4:17:40 PM
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