Status of Applications

Here an applicant can know the latest status of his/her application submitted for grant of permission.

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UID Proposed Property No Current Status Status Date Locality
. File Complete .
1 B-101 Niti Bagh File Closed 14/03/2012 Neeti Bagh
2 A-4, Nizamuddin West Permission Issued 31/08/2012 Nizamuddin West
3 11 Sadhna Enclave File Closed 01/01/2009 Sadhana Enclave
4 27, Jain Colony File Closed 01/01/2009 Jain Colony
5 A-36, Kotla Ferozshah File Closed 01/01/2009 Kotla Feroz Shah
6 S-370 Panchsheel Park File Closed 01/01/2009 Panchsheel Park
7 H-78, NDSE-I File Closed NDSE-I
8 902/290, Gali No.4, Shalimar Village File Closed Shalimar Village
9 E-62, Panchsheel Park Permission Issued Panchsheel Park
10 C-88, Shivalik File Closed Shivalik
11 B-172, Lodhi Estate File Closed Lodhi Estate
12 D-294, Sarvodaya Enclave File Closed Sarvodaya Enclave
13 B-14, East of Kailash File Closed East of Kailash
14 A-143, Neeti Bagh File Closed Neeti Bagh
15 U-5A Green Park Main Permission Renewed 19/08/2016 Green Park Main
16 C-5/19, Safdarjung Dev. Area File Closed SDA
17 C-114 Shivalik File Closed Shivalik
18 B-9, Green Park File Closed Green Park
19 8, Khasra No.82, Begampur File Closed Begumpur

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